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Lighter traffic

April 17th, 2008 at 04:17 pm

I was driving to work yesterday morning, thinking "There isn't much traffic these days....."

I came home, and DH asked me "So, how's traffic these days?" Funny he asked. I told him that was exactly what I was thinking this morning, lighter traffic. He told me about the guy who commutes to Bay Area, and the guy was telling DH traffic is much better than before.

I guess some people cannot afford to pay $4 per gallon.

DH also told me about the guy who used to drive a huge pick-up truck. Now, the guy drives VW Jetta. DH asked the guy about his truck (I know my DH is really nosy LOL) and they guy told DH he cannot afford gas anymore for the truck. Hmmmmm.

Gas price sure impacts people's lives.

2 Responses to “Lighter traffic”

  1. klbb90 Says:

    The parking lot at work used to be full of gas guzzling SUV as little as 4 years ago. Now its probably 1/3 SUVs. Most of the switchers freely admit its because of gas prices. Some have said the savings on gas allowed them to make a payment on a new or new to you vehicle.

  2. Aleta Says:

    Some people are just not driving anymore that they have to. I was watching CNN where people were asked how the high prices were affecting their driving habits and they said they weren't driving as much as they did before.

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