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$3.69 more for $1,000!!!

April 25th, 2006 at 08:33 am

As I wrote in March, I got a promotion. Then, I became extremely busy in April. That's my excuse of not updating my blog frequently LOL

Well, this software rebate idea has been a pain. 8 out of 10 rebates had some type of problem. These rebate centers are doing terrible job!! Losing paperwork, not validating document, etc. I had to make several phone calls to make sure I receive my rebate.

Finally, I received a couple more rebates. I still have $190 outstanding.

Software rebate $15 & $20 = Total $35
Rite Aid rebate $12.99
Tax e-file rebate $15.95
Game rebate $3
Total deposit $66.94

Amazon payment deposited $24.21

New Software sales $8.06

Current balance:
Bank A $512.93
Bank B $285.32
Software rebate pending $190
Software sale pending $8.06
Total $996.31

$3.69 more for $1,000!!!