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$39.38 new deposit

February 28th, 2006 at 01:14 pm

Just went to deposit some rebate money.

$5 Sonokot
$15 Playo (not sure what it is, but I think they're for DVD disks I bought on Black Friday)
$19.23 Rite Aid
Total $39.38

Also, one of my software was sold..... which I didn't want to happen yet LOL
I wanted to receive my rebate check before they sell, so I thought I set the price high. This way, nobody will buy them yet. Well, one of my software wasn't priced high enough. It ended up being the lowest price listed and sold over the weekend. Crap... I should have priced higher. But oh well....
It was sold for $25
Commission - $5.97
Shipping credit $3.49
Deposit to my seller's account $22.52

Current balance:
Bank A $217.49
Bank B $285.32
Software rebate pending $265
Software seles pending $22.52
Total $790.33

Cheap Lysol at Walgreen

February 24th, 2006 at 03:08 pm

Not related to rebate, but I had a good shopping trip at Walgreen's today.

Bought Lysol bathroom cleaner. They were $3.99 and buy one get one free.
I had $2/2 coupon and used two free Neutra air spray coupon.
So, I paid $1.99 for two bathroom cleaners and two Neutra air spray.

My cashier was really nice and was impressed about the price I paid. So, I gave her a couple of Lysol coupons.

Walgreen's February rebate is almost over. (It ends on 25th.) I should buy some Irish spring soap because that's the only soap my husband uses. Take advantage of "buy $20 and get $10 gift card" rebate.

Going after software rebate

February 22nd, 2006 at 11:08 am

I thought about transfer more money to Bank B that is giving above 4% interest rate till the middle of April. Then, I found a deal "Buy tax software and get these software for FREE" deal at Best Buy. I bought 12 software including Tax Cut, send out rebate to all of these software, and planning to turn around and sell them at Amazon.

It turns out one software has an upgrade rebate and another one requires activation. So, I returned two software and got my money back.

So far,
Total spending $294.83
Rebate total $265
Out of pocket $29.83

I have nine software to sell, and they should average at least $10 each. So, I can expect $90 sales - $29.83 out of pocket. Final profit should be at least $60. That's 20% return for $300 investment. Not bad at all if it all goes well. We will see.....

Bank A
Previous balance $472.94
Software payment $294.83
New balance $178.11

Bank B $285.32

Total $463.43

Software rebate pending $265

I aready saved $758.26

February 21st, 2006 at 10:22 am

I started doing rebate from drug stores last year. After spending all the rebate money I received for few months, I wonder "Wait..... How much will I save with all the rebate I receive?"

This simple question triggered me to open up a new account that is specifically for rebate saving purpose.

Of course, I didn't waste my chance to receive a bonus from the bank I opened the accout with. I just saw $50 creditted to my account.

OK, I started doing this in December and here's the result so far.

Bank A
Opened with $100 initial deposit (I got $75 bonus from on-line bank, so used it as an initial fund. My out of pocket $25.)

Monthly deposit
December $168.94
12/23 Deposit $79.95
?? I forgot what they were.....

12/19 Deposit $88.99
$75 check from other local bank
Longs rebate $13.99

January $77.53
1/26 Deposit $35.99
Rite aid rebate $25.99
Del Monte rebate $10

1/23 Deposit $24
Reward from research company $20
? for $4

1/12 Deposit $17.54
Not sure what it was....

February $376.47
2/2 Deposit $277.49
Reimbursement for eye exam $110
Rite Aid rebate $38.97
.... And I totally forgot what the rest was.... Shame, shame....

2/10 $50 credit from the bank
2/21 Deposit $48.98
Longs rebate $2.99
Schick rebate $10.99
Three checks from research companies two $5, and one $25 Total $35

Total deposit so far $722.94

Transferred $250 to Bank B to get a bonus and earn higher interest

Current balance $472.94

Bank B

Initial deposit $250
Account opening bonus $25
Referral bonus $10 (I sent a referral link to my friend, and he opened an account.)

Current balance $285.32

Total $758.26