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Productive Saturday

February 28th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Things I did today:
- Finished reading a chapter in Accounting book (I have an exam on Monday)
- Got pedicure (I was reading my A/C book while I was getting pedicure)
- Cleaned the house
- Did laundry
- Went to gym

I also went to Rite Aid. I don't know why but Rite Aid sent me $10 coupon good for any purchase. All of their FAR products were out, so I bought some pantyhose that were BOGO. I bought 4 pairs, and 2 boxes of footies, and paid $2.65 for all of them after coupon.

Then, went to Walgreens that is across the street from Rite Aid. I haven't bought Revlong FAR item yet, and today is the last day of Feb rebate. Paid with my GC, so not cash spent for this one.

I will be going to Walgreens first thing tomorrow morning to get a blink tears eye drops. They are free after catalina coupon. Colgate toothpastes are also free after catalina, like I need more toothpaste LOL

Check from Ebates

February 23rd, 2009 at 04:44 pm

I found Ebates website from fellow blogger's link and used it for my holiday shopping. I received a check for $23.63. Not too bad for few extra clicks. I referred it to my friend, too.

Well, I was going to go lunch with co-worker today, but she got sick and took a day off. I didn't bring lunch today because I had a plan. Ahhhhh, I should've thought about Plan B. Actually, I had a can of soup, but didn't feel like eating it. Oh well, I went and got junk food. I will be bringing lunch for the rest of this week. I swear : )

Eat out day

February 20th, 2009 at 09:40 pm

It's Friday and I loosen up my wallet, or I should say, I loosen up my GC.

Morning: My Friday treat, Starbucks. Grande caramel latte & lemon loaf. I used a GC my DD gave me.

Lunch: To go's sandwich, $3.99. Paid with GC.

Dinner: Pizza. Used entertainment coupon book. $10 for a large combination pizza.

So, all and all, actual cash flow was $10.

Tax software rebate

February 16th, 2009 at 11:55 am

I finally went to Staples and bought a Tax Cut. I also bought some FAR software. From my past experience, these rebate could be a lot of work because manufacture often denies them left and right.

I bought:
1. Tax Cut 39.99 ($10 GC rebate)
2. 2GB flash drive 9.99 (FAR)
3. Webroot Spyware 49.99 (FAR)
4. Norton Anti Virus 39.99 (FAR, $20 was Easy Rebate.)
5. Windows Live One 39.99 (FAR)
6. Mcafee Anti-theft 29.99 (FAR and Thank God, this was eligible for Easy Rebate.)

I used $20 off for $50 or more purchase.

I submitted $50 worth of rebate via online. And $130 is mail-in. All and all, my out of pocket should be $9.95 plus sales tax. How soon will I get my rebate money? We will see.

Happy V-day!

February 14th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

It was nice. My DH bought me a basket of flower and a beautiful card. My DD gave me a GC for Starbucks : )

I gave my DH a GC for Sarbucks (which is his 2nd home) and got my DD a caramel apple.

DH found a recepi for beef short ribs and asked me to cook it. It came out really nice.

Grocery store was really busy. Since I wanted to buy little upscale food for V-Day, I went to Nugget instead of Safeway. Nugget sent us $20 off/$100 coupon, so it was good time to stock up, too.

I bought things for short rib dish, rasberry cheese cake, key lime cheese cake, and a lot of other items. The total was $91 after using $20 coupon. To me, it is A LOT for grocery, but it included some special items I normally do not buy.

Tomorrow will be study day. I will be meeting my friend who is working on her master's degree to become a speech therapist in the morning for coffee. We will complain about our school work, then, we both come home to study. Yeah, we're such nerds. LOL

Not much going on

February 11th, 2009 at 04:02 pm

I haven't blogged much. Not much is happening.

Three weeks into school now, and I have one exam next week already. But I feel like we haven't done anything for this class. (It's corporate tax class.) We just touched on corporate distribution and how it's allocated to dividends, return on capital, etc. I'm not sure what the professor will test us on.

Not so much excitement in money areas, either. Same old things.... I know market is not doing so good, but I'm still contributing 20% to my 401K. I just hate paying tax.

Oh, tax! I have file tax. Crap... I was going to buy Tax Cut last week but have been slacking off. I will do it this week. Yeah, I will.

By the way, my DD has her W-2 showing she made about 2K last year. How does it work? Will Tax Cut software handle our filing (DH and I file as married, joint) and hers?

It's middle of the month, so work is kind of slow. (Thus, writing this blog LOL)

I noticed airfare to Hawaii came down like $200 since lat time I checked. Round trip tickets are now around $600 in June time-frame. Hmmmmm....

Actually, lower price is a upside of bad economy. There are bargains everywhere, and gas is cheaper. Media is busy showing people who were over-spending when economy was good. But, I don't think there's much changes for frugal folks. I still clip coupons and pack my lunch. The amount of money in my wallet hasn't changed since Monday, and has no plans to spend any money tomorrow either. I still have enough gas for tomorrow.