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Quiet day

May 26th, 2008 at 01:58 pm

Itís been pretty quiet holiday weekend. Since school is out, I have no homework or assignments to do. It feels weirdÖ. I watched a couple of movies that were on TV and my friend gave me a DVD to watch. The title of the movie is ď27 dressesĒ and it was a very cute story.

This morning, I went to Safeway for grocery shopping. I paid $60 after club card savings ($54) and coupons savings ($15.30). I also received two free movie tickets and 20 cents fuel discount. Gas is over $4 around here, so it helps to get 20 cents fuel discount. I found an error in the receipt, though. Onion is supposed to bet 59 cents per lb, or something, but the receipt says $1.69 per lb. I need to go back and have it corrected  Iím so used to going to the customer service counter and ask for a correction because this kind of error happens all the time.

By the way, my DD starts working tomorrow. She got a job at after school program operated by the city. We used to send her there when she was in elementary school. We used to pay them to have her. Now, she is getting paid to be there. She will be making $8 an hour. (Yes, itís the minimum wage!) Itís time for her to learn money management skill.

WAG coupon & Received a couple of rebate

May 22nd, 2008 at 09:02 pm

I received Glade rebate $3.99 and Rite Aid Rebate $39.61. Cashing in tomorrow and it will go straight to my gas tank Frown

Walgreen has $5 off for $20 purchase coupon in their website that is good for tomorrow.

I needed some contact lens solution, so I will get it tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting some cooking oil to do Con Agra rebate in their May rebate as well, depending on how much they are.

Running to Del Taco

May 20th, 2008 at 03:54 pm

I bought breakfast at Del Taco this morning. They're part of AMEX's movie promotion and today is the last day of promotion. I knew about this promotion for more than a month, but totally slacking off and doing the last minute eating.

The promotion is for 4 complimentary museum or movie tickets, and I need to send three AMEX purchase receipts. I only have two receipts, so I need one more. I will get their yummy strawberry shake after work. Spending about $10 and receiving 4 movie tickets isn't too bad.

End of semester

May 19th, 2008 at 09:00 pm

I just came back from school, taking final exam for my financial accounting class. It was about shareholders' equity in the balance sheet, and was difficult. But, hey, it's over. Now, I can watch TV without worrying about homework or tests.

Summer class will start in two weeks. Until then, I will take it easy.

I will have my Saturdays back

May 18th, 2008 at 01:45 pm

This semester is almost over.

I had my final for MIS (Management Information Systems). This is one suject I had NO interest whatsoever, and bored me to death.

And, I did really bad on my final. Well, for some reason, I didn't read 3 pages I was supposed read, and I missed a bunch of problems from these stupid 3 pages. I still got a B as a course grade. I was really disappointed by getting a B, but oh well, there's nothing I can do but move on.

This concludes my Saturday classes. I've been taking classes on Saturday last four semesters in order to fit in my schedule. Being a full time student while having a full time job with one hour commute each way haven't been easy. I had to take some classes on Saturday to knock off some units and graduate in a reasonable period of time.

I finished all of the business core requirement courses, and no concentration classes are offered on Saturday. This means, bye bye, Saturday class. I will have Saturdays back again. Yes, I will actually have two days off a week. I am so happy Smile

Looking back....

May 15th, 2008 at 08:32 am

As gas and food prices are going up, I noticed media is paying more attention to usage of coupons. I was one of those people who reads an article, and think "That's nice, but I have no idea how these people are doing it."

I remember watching TV long time ago, before I learned how to use coupons. TV news was showing the lady who goes to a grocery store and paid $2 for a cartful of stuff. At that time, I was a coupon beginner, and had no idea how she did it. I thought, I use coupons, but I can never get my total down to $2. How does she do it?? Well, now I know. She was targeting certain loss leader items, taking advantage of double or triple (which we don't have around here), and using multiple coupons.

So, I'm sure there are people out there, like I was, interested in getting into coupons, but don't know how.

It's amazing looking back, how I used to shop. I didn't know what I was missing out until I learned how to use coupons and rebates. I used to think the Dollar store was a good deal. Boy, what was I thinking???

Free dressing day

May 13th, 2008 at 03:38 pm

Today is the end of weekly sales cycle, and I was going to stop by grocery store and buy some dressing. One store sells Ken's dressing for $2.5 and I had some $2 off coupons. When I was browsing another store's weekly circular, that store has them $4 for 2. Free dressing! I was happy that I found it because I'm using the last bottle of dressing and needed to find some deals.

I bought 10 bottles and walked out the store without paying a dime. I guess I could buy something, but couldn't think of anything.... I already have tonight's dinner planned out.

Great deal this week

May 10th, 2008 at 03:09 pm

This week was a great deal week.

I was busy doing P&G deal at Walgreen's first, then, I realized Rite Aid is also running a great deal for Cover Girl which is P&G product. Cover Girl was BOGO at Rite Aid, and I had some BOGO foundation and blush coupons as well as a bunch of $1 off coupons.

At Rite Aid, I bought
2 foundation regular price $11.29 each
4 face powder regular price $8.19 each
8 blush regular price $5.69 each
8 eye shadow regular price $3.39 each
2 four-color eye shadow regular price $5.59 each
Total regular price $139.16
After BOGO sale and coupons, I paid $10.07 (including $5.42 sales tax) and will be getting $20 back from Rite Aid rebate.

Reviewing my transactions, I realized I could knock off $4 more but it would have been caused a negative value transaction. So, I should be happy with what I got.

Nice weekend

May 4th, 2008 at 08:52 pm

This was a nice weekend.

Saturday: Last lecture of this semester. Our instructor cancelled next week's lecture, so all we have is a final exam on 17th. I'm so excited this semester is almost done.

After the class, I helped my group mate making his homepage for our web assignment. He injured his right wrist so it is extremely difficult for him to type. Since we will be graded as a group, I wanted to make sure his portion is complete Wink

In the everning, I went over to my friend's house and played poker with friends till 11 pm. I lost $20, but it's ok. It was nice to catch up with my friends, and I had a good time.

Sunday: I was going to wake up at 6 and go to yoga class, but could not wake up. (Well, playing poker till 11 pm didn't help.) I finally woke up at around 8:15 (DD woke me up and told me to go to yoga), and went to hot yoga class. I'm still in trial period ($10 for 10 days) so I didn't have to pay today. I sweat so much, and felt pretty good.

I came home, took a shower, and headed to Strings (Italian restaurant) to see my friend. She is a single mom (I've known her since she was single) and have a lovely 4 yr old son. It's been more than a year since last time we met. We caught up a little, but couldn't stay too long because her son was getting bored and didn't sit still. We promised each other to meet more often than once a year.

After lunch, I went to Walgreens. This week is SUPER great deal at Walgreens. I bought 6 Mr. Clean magic eraser and 3 Charmin wipes, paid $22.49 and received $20 coupon good for next purchase.

For next purchase, I bought Edge shaving gel, melatonin (for DH), 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup, and Venus razor. After using $20 coupon, and other coupons, I paid $1.76 and received $6 coupon good for next purchase.

I will be going to Walgreens every day this week!