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Paying with my FSA debit card

February 15th, 2008 at 09:17 am

I need new contact lenses (I use disposable kind), but my prescription expired. So, I went to check my vision yesterday. The exam was $109 and my co-pay was $10. And I ordered four boxes of contact lenses, two boxes for each eye. They were $147.92 and insurance covered $67. My portion for contact lenses, $80.92. I paid $99.92 with my FSA debit card.

I really like this FSA debit card system. It is so much easier than sending paperwork to the FSA processing company and wait for a check to arrive. I set $3,000 aside this year for medical expense, so I have enough fund to cover upcoming medical expenses for my family and myself. Fortunately, we do not have any major health problems, just dental and vision related items, and regular health check-up. But as you all know, these cost can add up really quickly.

Well, speaking of dental expense, I just received an estimate from my dentist for a crown I am planning to do in March. Estimated cost is $998, and insurance will cover $438.50, so my out of pocket will be $559.50. I am glad I don't have to stress about this money as it's funded in FSA already.

2 Responses to “Paying with my FSA debit card”

  1. Ginger Says:

    FSA = Flexible Spending Account

    What company is yours with? Ours doesn't offer a debit card for it. I'd love it if it did!

  2. ldyfaile Says:

    I just got my debit card. I'm loving it. I've never had an FSA before but I can imagine the hassle of sending in for reimbursement. Smile

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