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I'm done with my mid-terms

October 29th, 2007 at 09:48 am

I'm done with my mid-terms! Yay!!!

I took my last mid-term on Saturday morning. I felt like I used all my energy and I felt really exhausted after that. Fortunately, I've been doing pretty good on all the subjects I'm taking. So, I think I can relax a bit from now on.

Since I was focusing on my exams, I did a minimum deals last week, even though Walgreens had a super good deals last week.

On Saturday (the last day of sale cycle) I bought:
3 Crest tooth pastes $1.99 x 3 = $5.97
Less Walgreens store coupons $1 x 3 = $3
Less Manufacture's coupons $1 x 3 = $3
Final price Free

2 bags of M&M Dark chocolate
$2.5 x 2 = $5
Less Walgreens store coupon $2
Less manufacture's coupons $.75 x 2 = $1.50
Final price $1.50 for two bags

Tylenol Allergy $4.99
Less Tylenol printable coupon $5
Final price Free

I knew I could get 4 Excedrin for free, but didn't even bother getting them.....

Then, I recouped my energy yesterday afternoon. I went to Rite Aid. My Sunday paper didn't have a Rite Aid Weekly ad, but I knew there were some FAR this week. It turns out it was really worth a trip because they had many FAR items available. Also, L'Oreal Vive Pro shampoo & conditioners are BOGO sale this week. So, more free shampoo and conditioner!

1 Responses to “I'm done with my mid-terms”

  1. moi aussi Says:

    I am so jealous!!! I have a mid term today and didn't study properly due to apartment hell.. EGGGAADDD!!!!

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