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Getting back to routine

March 23rd, 2012 at 08:47 pm

I was traveling overseas for almost 2 weeks. First few days was my vacation, going back to my home country, then, off to another country for business.

Since those 2 destinations are so close (only 2 hours flight), I normally combine my business trip with vacation. I only pay for the fare difference to stop by my home country. Great deal for me.

Even it was nice to see my old friends and co-workers, being home is the best thing. Actually, I caught cold and wasn't feeling well during my trip. Oh well....

Now I'm back to work and it is nice to be back to my normal routine.

Another nice thing about going on a business trip is expense is paid by my employer. I was on per diem, so free meal, or my co-worker took me out for dinner. Cannot beat that.

2 Responses to “Getting back to routine”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I love to travel when it leads to no hit on the home budget. I get some of my travels covered by my academic program and it offers some insurance of enjoying the trip while not worrying about how it will affect the checking account adversely. Nice!

  2. Lucas Stretton Says:

    Back to work is often become strange in feelings when we get break for refreshment purpose like you write. Instead asking of guidance from other get Dissertation help from writers of online company services providers.

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