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Happy 4th of July!

July 4th, 2009 at 02:10 pm

My friend threw a party last night. I brought my homemade potstickers as requested and they were gone in 10 minutes. I should have made more, but I brought about 40 of them. I need to double my batch next year.

I went to Rite Aid for free pads. Stay Free products are BOGO and I had 10 BOGO q's. Since I went to the end of sale cycle, I only could find a dozen of them. But it's OK. Got a dozen packages of pads and paid .33 each (sales tax). This purchase also counts towards rebate.

I also bought new Purex laundry detergent. It's a sheet and works as both detergent and softner. They were BOGO at Walgreens and $2 q's were out. I paid $2.5 per package that has 20 sheets in it. It comes to 12.5 cents per load. I was curious to see how well this product works. I did about 5 loads and so far so good.

2 Responses to “Happy 4th of July!”

  1. Blue Eyes Says:

    I tried those Purex sheets and was not impressed. I didn't think the detergent or the softener worked well. The fragrance doesn't last either.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow, you do homemade potstickers? I've only ever bought them frozen, but I've always wanted to try making my own. Care to post your recipe?

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