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Productive Saturday

February 28th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Things I did today:
- Finished reading a chapter in Accounting book (I have an exam on Monday)
- Got pedicure (I was reading my A/C book while I was getting pedicure)
- Cleaned the house
- Did laundry
- Went to gym

I also went to Rite Aid. I don't know why but Rite Aid sent me $10 coupon good for any purchase. All of their FAR products were out, so I bought some pantyhose that were BOGO. I bought 4 pairs, and 2 boxes of footies, and paid $2.65 for all of them after coupon.

Then, went to Walgreens that is across the street from Rite Aid. I haven't bought Revlong FAR item yet, and today is the last day of Feb rebate. Paid with my GC, so not cash spent for this one.

I will be going to Walgreens first thing tomorrow morning to get a blink tears eye drops. They are free after catalina coupon. Colgate toothpastes are also free after catalina, like I need more toothpaste LOL

4 Responses to “Productive Saturday”

  1. lizajane Says:

    If you haven't already gone to Walgreens, there is a printable coupon on the eye drops on the web site www.yourhealthyeyes.com.

  2. homebody Says:

    BOGO on Fiber 1 cereal too. I bought 4 boxes!

  3. Amber Says:

    Good luck with the exam, I loved accounting once I found a great instructor.

  4. Maismom Says:

    Thank you for the link. I got a couple of eye drops. I went back Walgreens yesterday, but they were all out. I will try going other WAG tomorrow to get a couple more.

    Good for you! I love cereal sale.

    Thank you for your good luck wish. I'm glad it's done now.

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