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Bought some stuff really cheap

July 16th, 2008 at 04:45 pm

Even though I was really tired last night after my class, I stopped by Safeway to grab some cheap stuff.

I handed my cashier 12 coupons. She was nice, but did not know much about ringing up coupons, and messed all up. The line behind me was getting longer and it was obvious this guy behind me was really frustrated. I told him "Sorry...." Then, he just said "It's not your fault." What a nice guy!

Anyway, I ended up going to customer service counter, but she corrected everything and I got 22 Trident gums, 3 Oreos and a jar of peanuts for $20.75 and received $20 catalina. So, final price was 75 cents.

I didn't use my previous catalina like I was planning to because I did not add anymore confusion to this transaction, so I have $40 worth of catalina in my wallet. They don't expire till mid-August, so I am fine with it. I will need to buy milk, vegetables, meat, etc. that I will not have any coupons for.

I stopped by Rite Aid this morning on the way to work, and picked up a box of Electrasol and Crest toothpaste. I paid $3.65 after a coupon including tax and will get $4.99 back from their rebate. Not too bad.

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