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Safeway summer promo

July 15th, 2008 at 02:51 pm

Safeway if finally running another promo, buy 25 and get $20 catalina. So, if you buy exactly 25 items, it's 80 cents off from each items. It can be a good deal when combining with sale and coupons.

Bad thing about the Safeway deal is, it can be very confusing and frustrating. The list of participating products is 30 pages long, but they put hardly any tags on shelves that makes it really had for us to identify what are qualified items.

I did my homework and went to Safeway yesterday. I bought six bags of Fresh Express salad kit. They are $4.29 a bag, but buy one get one free this week, and they have $1 off coupons. That makes them 35 cents each. ($4.29 - $2 - $1.6 = 69 cents for 2 bags.) Trident gum was also participating items and they are $1.25 each and there's BOGO coupons for them. So, they can be a money maker. I only bought 10 Trident to make sure I have enough number of participating products yesterday.

Today is the last day of sale cycle, and I am planning to buy
22 Trident $1.25 x 22 = 27.5
3 Oreo $2.5 x 3 = $7.5
1 Planers peanuts $3
Total $38

11 x 1.25 = $13.75
$3 off Planters product with purchase of 3 Nabisco products
$20 catalina from last trip

Final out of pocket $1.25 and get another $20 catalina.

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