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Lowest energy bill, ever!

October 11th, 2007 at 09:21 am

We just received our energy bill (both electricity & gas). My husband opened the envelop, and told me "You are not going to believe this." I was like, "What? What?"

The bill was $96 and this is the lowest as far as I can remember since we moved in this house!! I haven't seen two digits energy bill for a looong time. Thanks for nice weather (no A/C or heater needed) and we were careful about running a washier, dryer, dish washier, pool pump, etc.

This is a nice saving because I normally budget $250 for our energy bill. (Yes, that's our norm, and I talked to neighbors, and they're in the same range or even more.) Our DD is taking a driving test on Monday, so our insurance premium went up significantly. We also need to pay pro-rated premium for the remaining period, which is $557. We can use the savings from energy bill to pay a part of insurance premium.

1 Responses to “Lowest energy bill, ever!”

  1. littlemama Says:

    Our bill averages $250.00 to $300.00!!! Two digits would be very welcome around here. Haven't ever had that happen. We also just covered our pool and turned the pump off for the season. That will help some...

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